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Japan Has A Cartoon - Themed Vending Machine

Not long ago, Love Live!!! Sunshine! The town of konuma, the original town, used to have a manhole cover for members of the idol group, but it was soon destroyed by someone with an ulterior motive. , by contrast, the other a work junction city friends nye is a brave man, "a few months ago at a rest stop to install a theme vending machine, instead of man ran and damage, but also enthusiastic fans of active initiative to maintain clean every week, and thus the vending machine was a sparkling shine.

In April this year, the "city friends nye is a brave man," the official prototype in the play ground, sweet chuan county guanyin temple city highway rest stop set a specially coated vending machine, the machine before and after the painting is full of characters in the story of draw illustrations and "brave" code, so immediately become fans of pilgrimage sites, at the same time rest stops with hot trends also launched a large amount of merchandise for the visitors to buy.

What happened to the vending machine after two months? Not only was it not destroyed by extreme fanaticism, but it was loved beyond imagination.

Rest stop staff found that almost every week have a fan here spontaneously clean clean up this vending machine, they wipe the vending machine appearance is then crew filmed on Internet. From the point of tweets, these have a different number of otaku are members of the "brave", or they actively holds cleaning tasks, or to maintain the vending machine for the purpose for animated characters, different reasons but the results are the same.

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