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Mobile Retail

Across the market, hot new energy cars are spreading wildfire. According to the China association of automobile manufacturers, 794, 000 new energy vehicles were produced in 2017 alone. Many carmakers, 90% of them making passenger cars. On the premise of no artificial intelligence, new energy car or automated driving new energy passenger car, are facing hundreds of competitors, the passenger car market is a crowded the runway.

Mobile retail, call it

When pattaya goes public, it sells to businesses and businesses. At that time, will also provide rental services, we have learned, the market pricing within 400000 pattaya, businesses need to a 250-300 yuan rent can be used for a day, and where did the customer where shop is open.

Thanks to this new and potentially huge ai project, many leading mobile retailers and service providers have sold out. Changning district jiu hua group has work and deep blue science and technology, as well as artificial intelligence "mobile retail enterprise, artificial intelligence iot, service the livelihood of the people, will be launched in 200 communities and even the entire Shanghai changning district" shop "call, not out of the community residents, can buy you need vegetables, fresh, fruit, and so on.

People's livelihood services, artificial intelligence for the top, mobile retail has come, let the future, summoned immediately!

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