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Mobile Vending Machine

Heilongjiang music, cultural exchange center is an APP application design, will use "online order", "offline" distribution way, precise positioning to use the crowd, with a few simple operation can be delivered. After networking, the vending machines will transmit every sale data to the cloud in real time, greatly improving the efficiency of logistics and operation management.

"In terms of product positioning strategy, we will accurately deliver products to meet the needs of the market and meet users in different scenarios. For example, the Red Cross hospital and maternity hospital we are working with now sell Japanese products such as sanyo abdomen tape and special sanitary towels for pregnant women and pregnant women. At the children's hospital, we put some children's hand sanitizer, xiaolin antipyretic paste, children's toothbrush and toothpaste in the vending machine. Ye Guo confessed, on the basis of the analysis of user research, combined with the scene, different distribution strategy, also will work in Harbin airport, immediately put some in the vending machine import snacks, drinks, or airport urgently needed products.

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