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Introduction: nestle invented the world's first instant coffee, nescafe, in 1938 and soon became popular around the world. Today, on average, 4,000 cups of nescafe are consumed every second in the world. Nescafe has become the world's leading coffee brand.

Nestle in China since the 1980 s, nestle coffee products widely consumers soon, soon to become a leading brand in the market, won the young, vibrant urban consumer favorite.

Shortly after entering the Chinese market, nescafe produced instant coffee on the basis of pure coffee, which is suitable for nervous and busy office workers. Go to the supermarket now, see the most instant coffee is nestle's packaging, coffee color packaging is very classic.

Nestle is a coffee with a long history. It was founded in 1867. The bird's nest logo, designed in the late 19th century to appeal for a reduction in infant mortality worldwide, is very memorable.

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