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No Retail 2.0 Era New Beiyang Construction Of A New Retail Scene

Some companies said that unmanned retail is to reduce labor costs through scientific and technological means, as well as extend business hours and service radius to consumers who cannot be reached by service store channels. Some experts believe that the core of unmanned retail is near-field retailing, which goes deep into the last kilometer range of communities and office locations to meet the scattered and temporary consumer demand of consumers, and digitalized offline shopping behavior to draw users' portraits and realize intelligent category management. No one in the three is no longer the core, because in fact, consumers do not care whether "no one", they are more concerned about whether they benefit from a certain business model and gain more convenience. The key is how to improve shopping experience and meet the demand of subdivided scene through intelligent terminals and solutions to improve shopping experience and satisfy the demand of users, and finally achieve excellent operation price efficiency. With this logic, more operators are abandoning the previously problematic open shelves, and unattended retail containers are the new hot track behind unattended shelves. The main feature of this stage is that, through the closed and semi-closed container design and the combination of intelligent technology, it provides the c-end users and b-end operators with lower cargo loss rate and more convenient product experience.

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