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Paris Street Bubbler

Eight small fountains of sparkling water have been installed in Paris since 2010, but the city hall has ambitious plans to install all 20 districts in the city.

When a new fountain along the st. Martin canal began spraying water on Oct. 27, CITYLAB magazine described it as "sparkling water," the hope that when the Paris water authority first suggested it would boost the Parisian hydrate process.

"People often tell me that they are ready to drink straight, and if these are carbohydrates, now they have more reason to support bubble water fountains." Anne Le Strat, director of the Paris water authority, told 20 Minutes magazine that she was interviewed by Paris when the first bubble water fountain was set up in Paris in 2010.

It may be that regular water dispensers are not popular in The city, which is too monotonous in The creative city of Paris, and that The "Paris syndrome" that sparked heated discussion on The website needs some new changes.

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