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Smart Vending Machines

Unlike convenience stores, smart vending machines, which no longer pay clerks salaries and rent, have an advantage in cost and are challenging convenience stores. The machines, which are being developed by shenlan technology, a shanghai-based company, have already received 20,000 orders. In the future, smart vending machines are expected to be mainly installed in railway stations, airports, parks and other places.

In a corner of a Shanghai neighborhood, there are several convenience store freezers stacked side by side. This is a smart vending machine that USES venous recognition technology. Items on sale include bottled drinks and snacks. A woman living nearby placed her palm against the machine's logo and the door opened.

The smart vending machines have formed a partnership with alipay, a smartphone billing system, the report said. After confirming that the venous information is me, multiple cameras installed on the device will detect which products are taken by customers, and then close the cabinet door and complete the settlement through alipay. Customers don't even have to take their phones out of their bags.

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