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Smart Vending Machines Are On Fire

First, liangpin store launched more than 20 smart vending machines in wuhan, selling snacks and other brands of beverages and food. Later, zhongbai group set up the first haobang e-shopping self-service supermarket in wuhan, selling all kinds of snacks, drinks and yoghurt.

Next, liangpin store will launch 30-50 smart vending machines in wuhan, and China 100 group will open four haobang e-shopping self-service supermarkets.

Fulcrum finance also learned that Today convenience stores, headquartered in wuhan, with more than 200 stores nationwide and annual operating revenue of more than 300 million yuan, have low adjustment of water smart vending machines. Another major business for the online car hailing wuhan unicorn enterprise zebra fast run, also want to layout smart vending machines.

In addition to the smart vending machines being launched by large enterprises, some entrepreneurs and small businesses are also actively laying out the smart vending machines, which now have more than 200 in wuhan. According to fulcrum finance and economics learned, mo xiaochao, hi convenience and other brands received more than 20,000 intended orders from all over the country. Calculated at the minimum price of 6,000 yuan per unit, the intended order amount is over 120 million yuan.

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