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Subverting Retail And Expanding Industries

The launch of the pattaya autonomous commercial vehicle is a revolutionary response to the coming era of autonomous driving, kicking off the next battle for new retail. Pattaya is fashionable and beautiful in appearance design and conforms to the aesthetic standard of modern city. Pattaya has a long body and large space, which is specially built for mobile retail and mobile services. Pure electric drive, up to 90Km/h per hour, 160Km per charge, green.

And, crucially, it has a black technology on its side. The car is powered by three of the world's top artificial intelligence technologies: autonomous driving, hand recognition and machine vision. From online ordering to online ordering, pattaya is more than just a mobile retail store. It is a real functional mobile space, service space, and mobile life in the era of autonomous driving in the future.

Work pieces of the time is not wasted on the road traffic, is killed in a situation of information garbage, not so much on the way to the service, rather than immediately click appointments, make service to you.

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