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The Advantages Of The Capsule Coffee Machine

Full automatic coffee must finish grinding, pressing powder and brewing the whole process, so the machine is more complicated. But beans are not processed in advance, so the cost of a single cup is cheaper. Regular cleaning is required in use. If you need to make good coffee, you have to adjust the machine.

Capsule coffee machine uses preset pressed coffee cake (capsule) just to complete the brewing process, the machine is relatively simple, but the cost of a single cup is higher. The machine needs no adjustment, simple operation and easy cleaning.

1. first of all, the household must be suitable for the capsule machine.

Give yourself a drink, of course it's good.

2, the advantages of full automata: convenient (as long as the beans or powder on the machine).

But it is because of his convenience that he has his fatal shortcomings. After the coffee beans or coffee powder is opened, the freshness period is only 3 days or 24 hours. Just imagine, can coffee be fresh again after these times?

Disadvantages: the machine is high, the quality of coffee is not guaranteed. It can only guarantee the freshness of the first cup of coffee.

3, capsule machine; advantages: convenient, the price is not high, to ensure that everyone drink each cup of fresh coffee.

Shortcomings: the cost of the capsule is a little high at present.

The reason: the capsules are packaged independently, filled with nitrogen, and sealed with Al mooring. Each cup is fresh (equivalent to baking, grinding out a package of powder and making a cup of coffee).

So he is called space food, space-time capsule. Because he can travel over 2 years to reach the international space station.

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