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The Daily Maintenance Of Vending Machines Should Be Maintained For A Long Time

The daily maintenance of vending machines should be maintained for a long time

Some of the important parts of the vending machine are often used, need to intermittently clean up maintenance, so as to long life.

Vending machine external external: when the machine is outside the dust, wipe with a dry cloth can be. And if the dust is too much, wipe away, with warm water or water diluted neutral wash clean, and then wipe with a rag to dilute the solution to clean the machine. Note: timely dirt and then difficult to remove, can not be used solvent or alkaline liquid wipe the machine, otherwise the panel and select the button and so may have cracks.

Coin reader: coins in the circulation process is easy to be dirty, when stained coins through the vending machine coin channel, the passage of time will also be channel contamination, if the dirt is too serious, will lead to vending machine coins Choose, change, change coins and other performance disorders. Therefore, in order to maintain the good performance of the coin recognizer, for the coin reader channel, should be wiped at least once a month, wipe can not be wiped with hot water gauze wipe, with a dry cloth or a little moist cloth can be.

Take the mouth: because the vending machine to take the lower mouth, the most easily stained dirt, so businesses in each replenishment of goods, should use the rag will take the mouth of the outside and inside wipe clean, to the consumer left Clean and clean good impression.

Vending machines need to be maintained during operation, when the long-term use is also necessary to carefully maintenance, never neglect. When a vending machine is not used for a long time, it should be locked, do not make the vending machine door in a casually open state. First of all, will be placed inside the goods all taken out. Followed by the leakage protector switch is set to OFF, unplug the power plug. And then wipe the internal and external vending machine, while the evaporator storage tank water drained, clean and wipe clean. Finally in the vending machine covered with protective cover and other safekeeping.

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