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The Development Prospect Of Vending Machines Is Discussed In Detail

In the 20th century, Japan took the lead in developing practical vending machines. Japan's first vending machine was the "stamp postcard vending machine," which was introduced in 1904. In 1905, the United States postal service began to use a stamp vending machine. In the 1920s, commercial cigarette vending machines began to enter the market. 1936 NAMA(international vending machine association) was founded. In 1946, an automatic coffee vending machine was invented.

The world's first vending machine was born in 215 BC in ancient Egyptian temple, used to assign the holy water, living in Alexandria at the time a famous mathematician described it in temple in coin can produce water machine. In 1700, British pubs had cigarette boxes that could be bought with COINS. In 1706, China made an automatic pencil selling machine using COINS.

The standard definition of a vending machine is: "the retail mode of selling activities through a vending machine." Vending machines, also known as kiosks, have been widely used in a variety of goods. First, there should be a self-service charging system, such as a money machine, a coin machine, or a device that can swipe a card. Secondly, it can change zero automatically. Of course, due to the cost problem, most machines can only find COINS. When enough money is invested or swiped in, the customer can choose the goods. The goods can be drinks, coffee, food, MP3 and other products that can be produced through the machine, which can be called vending machines. Wall hanging vending machine joined

The real popularity of vending machines came after the second world war. In the 1950s, "water-jet juice vending machines" became so popular that juice was poured into paper cups for sale. Later, in 1962, there was a revolution in vending machines as the major U.S. beverage company entered the Japanese market. In 1967, all currencies below 100 yen were changed into COINS, which promoted the development of vending machine industry. In 1960, the bank teller machine appeared at the bank counter.

Vending machines should be around the world to have achieved rapid development since 1970, by the original selling chewing gum, cigarettes, or canned refreshing drinks and alcoholic beverages extended to all kinds of food and general merchandise, and extended to services, such as a jukebox, automatic washing machine, automatic teller machines, etc.

In 1980, electronic components were equipped with vending machines. 1985 credit/debit card consumption was realized on vending machines. In 1993, vending machine data was wirelessly transmitted. In 2000, shopping was introduced on vending machines. Dongguan adult products to attract investment

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