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The History Of Vending Machines

Japan was the first country to develop practical vending machines since the 20th century. Japan's first vending machine was the "stamp postcard vending machine," which was introduced in 1904. In 1905, the United States postal service began to use a stamp vending machine. In the 1920s, commercial cigarette vending machines began to enter the market. 1936 NAMA(international vending machine association) was founded. In 1946, an automatic coffee vending machine was invented.

The world's first vending machine was created in 215 BC in the ancient Egyptian temple to distribute holy water. A famous mathematician living in Alexandria described it as a machine that could produce holy water by putting money into a temple. In 1700, British pubs had cigarette boxes that could be bought with COINS. In 1706, China made an automatic pencil selling machine using COINS.

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