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The Smart Vending Machine Becomes The Main Character

Numerous companies have been upgrading and developing smart vending machines since the rise of unmanned retail. After more than a year, various functions have been gradually improved and become universal sales carriers. There are also many finely divided vending machines, such as orange juice, coffee, and even noodles, that have made headlines. But in the long run, they are still more gimmicks than demands, and more buzz than money. The machines that really meet the demand must be general-purpose and open.

For one thing, they are no longer restricted by the cargo channel and can sell all kinds of goods. Second, openness is not the development of shelves, but the opening of online channels. They are no longer simply offline sales terminals, but online and consumer access, a living terminal. In the smart vending machine, you will get much more than you see, which is the right way to develop the smart vending machine in the future. With the advantage of being extremely close to consumers, there is no limit to the space that the vending machine, as a "living terminal", can play.

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