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The Working Principle Of Fluorescence Detection

The working principle of fluorescence detection is to detect the paper of RMB. Yuan manufactured special paper (including more than 85% of the high quality cotton), counterfeit money usually adopt after bleaching treatment of plain paper manufacturing, after bleaching treatment of paper in the ultraviolet (wavelength of 365 nm blue) will appear under the irradiation of fluorescence reaction (under the excitation of ultraviolet ray diffraction out of the blue light wavelength is 420-460 nm), the yuan is no fluorescence reaction. Therefore, by irradiating the banknote with ultraviolet light source and detecting the fluorescent reflection of the banknote with silicon photocell at the same time, the banknote can be judged to be true or false. In order to eliminate the interference of ambient light on the discrimination, a set of color filters with the same transmission wavelength as the fluorescence reaction wavelength of the counterfeit banknote must be installed on the surface of the silicon photocell. In fluorescence detection, two problems need to be noted: 1. Detect spatial shading. When the external light enters the detection space, it will cause false alarm. 2. Dust proof of ultraviolet light source and photocell. There is a large amount of dust in the process of counting banknotes. The dust adheres to the surface of the light source, which will weaken the detection signal and cause alarm failure. For the fifth edition of RMB, fluorescent characters can be detected simultaneously (printed with colorless fluorescent ink, detected by another silicon photocell, the transmission wavelength of the color filter is consistent with the fluorescence reaction wavelength of the real money) to improve the discrimination effect.

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