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Unified Layout Of Vending Machines

A few days ago, a media report said that the unified China control will speed up the distribution of vending machine business in the mainland. The capital expenditure of uni-president will be increased to 1.3 billion to 1.5 billion yuan this year, of which about 450 million yuan will be invested in expanding the installation of vending machines, and the plan is to use this new channel to distribute drinks and instant noodles, which is expected to break the 10,000 mark. This means that uni-president will use vending machines to sell more drinks, instant noodles and other products to customers and find new growth points for the performance.

Due to the continuous downturn in the instant noodle market, uni-president and master kong are both affected by the performance of these two giants, one after another in product diversification, high-end layout. In recent years, with the increasing trend of consumption upgrading, the series of "soup talents" has been successfully launched in the high-end instant noodle market. In addition, I have tried lemon tea, lactobacillus drink, fizzy drink, tomato juice and other products in beverage, and have made frequent moves in introducing new products.

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