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Vending Machine As A Necessary Machine Will Come Into Being

A vending machine is a coffee vintage vending machine that can either have hot and cold coffee and a tea juice drink at the same time. Can be used for investment, but also as employee benefits to use.

From the vending trend of vending machines, its emergence is due to the labor-intensive industrial structure to the technology-intensive society of the product. Mass production, large consumption and consumption patterns and changes in the sales environment, requiring the emergence of new distribution channels; and the relative supermarkets, department stores and other new distribution channels, the production costs continue to rise; coupled with the limitations of the site As well as the convenience of shopping and other factors, unmanned vending machine as a necessary machine will come into being.

From the broad sense in terms of coins, banknotes, credit cards, etc. can be sold after the goods of machinery, in terms of narrow sense is the automatic sale of goods machinery. From the supply conditions, the vending machine can fully complement the shortage of human resources to adapt to changes in the consumption environment and consumption patterns, 24-hour unmanned sales system can be more effort, the need to operate less capital, small size, attractive People buy curiosity their own performance, can be a good solution to the problem of rising labor costs and other advantages.

Vending machine industry is moving towards information and further rationalization. Such as the implementation of the online way, through the telephone line will be vending machine inventory information in a timely manner to send the business point of the computer, so as to ensure the delivery of goods, supplement and the smooth selection of goods. And, in order to prevent the global warming, vending machine development is committed to energy savings, energy-efficient soft drinks vending machine to become the mainstream of the industry. In the summer peak consumption, this type of vending machine even in the case of turn off the cooler to maintain a low temperature, compared with the previous vending machines, it can save 10-15% of the electricity. Into the 21st century, the vending machine will also further to save resources and energy and high-functional direction.

Vending machines are machines that can be automatically shipped according to the coin. Vending machines are commonly used in commercial automation equipment, it is not time, place restrictions, can save manpower, easy to trade. Is a new form of commercial retail, also known as the 24-hour mini-supermarket. Can be divided into three kinds: beverage vending machines, food vending machines, integrated vending machines.

Automation is the future trend, whether it is manufacturing, service or retail. We will see more equipment to replace the artificial. In such a big trend, the vending machine industry's prospects are bright.

main application 

Basic function

Credit card shopping

In the case of network environment support, with a variety of electronic payment functions, such as credit cards, stored value cards, mobile phone cards and other credit card spending.

Currency identification

The electronic control system can be used in conjunction with paper money, coin reader to increase voucher function, can identify paper and coin type vouchers.

Data download

Application of USB technology, the use of a USB, you can easily download the operating information of the vending machine, and then use the PC to download the data for processing, to facilitate operators to grasp the different regions, different machines, different goods sales.

special function

Network operation

The data of the automatic operation of the vending machine, including the system status, system failure, material failure, out of stock, sales data through the installation of the vending machine on the GPRS module wireless transmission to the vending machine network server, the operator can be in any one Taiwan Internet computer on the computer to master the information of the vending machine to achieve large-scale operation and network management.

Mobile phone shopping

Vending machine system and mobile POS module system docking, to achieve the mobile launch of the 2.4GHZ RFSIM card to read and write operations, complete the mobile phone shopping function.

Multimedia display

The use of LED display, multimedia display technology, vending machine system and PC system docking, so that consumers can control the PC through the PC touch screen purchase vending machine merchandise, not only to replace the selection button, and the vending machine with media functions.

Self-help payment

ATM machine system will be embedded in the vending machine, so that vending machines as mobile, financial terminal equipment, self-help payment business.

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