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Vending Machine Background Technology

Vending machine from the United States in 1925 developed a vending machine, cigarettes successively appeared stamps, ticket vending machines, in recent years, modern vending machines are listed, selling commodities have enriched, from food, drinks, cigarettes, tickets to the commodity full of beautiful things in eyes, vending machine has become a common commercial automation equipment, because its not limited by time and place, the characteristics of convenient and can save manpower, trading, swift and violent development, makes the vending machine for the people who live in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, the figure of the vending machine is not strange. From 1999, vending machine after entering the Chinese market, now in the subway station, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, parks and places of passenger volume is larger, can see the vending machine, also can enjoy the vending machine brings us convenience, the emergence of new things, brought a new form of consumption, the vending machine is also as a way of the avant-garde retail.

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