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Vending Machine Built-in And External Differences

  Vending machine built-in and external differences

  Vending machine is now a supermarket there are some good fruit shop for a fresh drink and vegetables and a good freezer, these vending machines in the general temperature range is in the second to eight degrees In the supermarket there are some fruit shop in fact the main still drink or yogurt there are some milk and some other aspects of the vacuum cooked food, etc., not suitable for placing some bare food, but a lot of customers in the inquiry now we Of the time will also ask the automatic vending machine built-in machine is good or external machine is better, the following we come to explore this issue.

  So first of all we come to understand what is the built-in vending machines and external vending machines, in fact, built-in machine in fact that the compressor side of the vending machine machines are one, and the home compared to the refrigerator, then the structure Is the same, what is the external vending machine? In fact, the external machine that the compressor and vending machine itself is not a whole and there is a separate compressor machine, need to be installed outdoors, and home air conditioning In fact, are almost the same.

  Now the vending machine is a lot of advantages of the machine, one is the price is very cheap, and moving up is very convenient, and there are more than two hundred and twenty volts of power to start, the disadvantage is The effect of heat dissipation is not very good, and there will be some noise at night, the advantages of vending machine outside the machine is that there is no need for space and noise aspects of the movement, the disadvantage is the price is more expensive, and can not move , Need to use three hundred and eighty volt voltage to start.

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