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Vending Machine Business Model Of The Industry

What are the constraints of the vending machine market breakthrough?

The business model of the domestic vending machine operating industry is that the company sells the product through the machine to the final profit, not the machine itself. The operating costs are mainly composed of machine depreciation, site rent, cargo purchase and distribution costs, including the management costs of labor, etc., and the success of the vending machine operating capacity, mainly with the income level, population structure, consumption habits, government Relevant policy provisions and support factors. In general, the higher the level of income, the greater the proportion of the floating population, the more easy to accept new things and like the consumption of young people more fashionable cities and lots, the greater the sales of vending machines.

So what are the constraints of the vending machine market breakthrough?

1. Vending machine operators compared with the supermarket, the purchase of a small number of commodity prices can not account for significant advantages.

2. From the operator's point of view, each value of 34 million yuan of vending machines, to achieve large-scale operations, if there is no installment will be difficult to pay huge fees, which undoubtedly improve the operator's entry threshold. For consumers, credit card spending or mobile payment will make the use of vending machines more convenient, thereby greatly improving their use, but the current means in China can not be large-scale implementation of the means of payment caused by a single inconvenience.

3. Can be supplied to the operator of the types of goods less, only the drinks, small food, cigarettes, and so few of the few.

4. Due to limited staff, timely distribution has become a burden.

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