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Vending Machine Function And Daily Maintenance

1.Vending machine principle

Put a variety of drinks on the plane of a plane, each plane within the tray has ten goods to the vending machine inside each cargo to have the appropriate motor, put money, the system automatically identify the amount of how much, You enter the number of the drink you want to buy. The system automatically learned your needs. The vending system gives the signal to the motor under that number. The motor is automatically selected for one week. So that the product within the spring forward to push a position. The front of the product just fell in the hopper. Transaction complete.

2. Vending machine market operation

You bought ten vending machines, put in the local factories, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and other large public places. You only need to regularly time to add goods to ensure that vending machines inside things can be sold, without affecting the business situation, the goods should be added in a timely manner. And then every day after the end of the time to add the vending machine inside the money out, but also to ensure that the vending machine to find the sufficient, generally about 100 or so. These do a good job, the vending machine operation will not be a problem, the latter part of the money on the money.

3. Vending machine function

Vending machines are fully functional and can be sold in a variety of bags of snacks and beverages, instant noodles, etc. can be placed in a machine inside the sale. Yale vending machines are known for developing integrated vending machines. To Le research and development of each new models are combined with the latest technology in the market competition in the unbeaten position. Vending machines in the new era of development of the case, the multi-purpose sales of products, daily necessities can be placed in the vending machine sales, and truly reached the automation equipment.

4. The development of vending machines

Vending machines in Japan and Europe and other developed countries is already in full swing in the development of a city of vending machines are much higher than the total amount of vending machines in China. At present, the number of vending machines nationwide is only one hundred thousand, while Japan's Tokyo vending machine has already exceeded 500,000. Such a big disparity depends on the slow pace of development of vending machines in China. But in recent years, the situation is much better, vending machines in the streets were destroyed a lot less chance. This is also due to the overall quality of the rise and the vending machine market operators are properly managed. In such a good market environment, I believe that China's vending machine market will usher in the short term development of its spring.

5. Vending machine daily maintenance

Automatic maintenance of the vending machine is very simple, only need to regularly see the machine there is no card cargo and out of stock situation, at any time to ensure that the machine clean and spring inside the correct position, and the machine external environment clean. An externally clean and clean vending machine business is far better than a vending machine in chaos. So in the vending machine operations, especially when outdoors. Be sure to ensure that the vending machine surroundings are clean.

6. Vending machine offer

The vending machine price is based on model and configuration. Different models and different configurations, the price of vending machines vary greatly. Conventional machines, depending on the model, from 15000 to 40000 range. Configuration on the basis of the standard plus heating, GPS, lift the function of the case, the vending machine prices will rise.

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