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Vending Machine History

Vending machines are a new form of commercial retail, in the 1970 of the 20th century in Japan and Europe and developed. It is called a 24-hour mini supermarket. In Japan, 70% canned beverages sold through vending machines. World's leading beverage company 500,000 vending machines throughout the world. In Japan, there were 5.5 million vending machines (according to 1998 statistics), 896,948,870,000 sales of 6 trillion yen, as the world's first. In the vending machine operation on a display screen, enter the product number and quantity, been put into coins and goods will still pick up, and even can buy food from vending machines to get hot noodles and rice. Although the total number of vending machines in Japan than the United States (according to 1997 statistics of 6.89 million units), however, population numbers are the highest in the world, averaging 35 people occupy one of the United States, while Japan occupies one is 23.

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