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Vending Machine Is A Highly Intelligent Product

Vending machine is a highly intelligent product, it has unattended, less operating costs, efficient operation, no language barriers, and easy to operate and so on. Because of these characteristics, but should make good use of these features to manage. So how to manage, in order to get good results?

1, by the specialized personnel responsible for the operation and management of vending machines, and to protect the vending machine to normal operation. The goods provided are to be sold at the retail price of the market, not higher than their retail price.

2, strict check the goods, to eliminate fake and shoddy goods, and resolutely not in the vending machine sales "three no" food and expired, metamorphosed food, must ensure that consumers health.

3, the establishment and improvement of vending machines electronic purchase and sales of the accounting system, always record the name of the food, specifications, quantity, date of production, shelf life, supplier contact and so on.

4, the monthly inventory must be to ensure that the purchase, sales, inventory is consistent.

5, rigorous selection of good suppliers, do not seek small cheap.

6, once a week inventory vending machine turnover.

Vending machines can be put in public places such as schools, factories, large stations, office buildings, personnel-intensive tunnels, squares, sports venues, car 4S shops, tourist attractions and so on. Now small-scale vending machines put, is no need for approval procedures, as long as the place and the meeting can be negotiated.

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