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Vending Machines Are Growing Rapidly In China As A New Industry

  Vending machines are growing rapidly in China as a new industry.

  In 1999, it began to enter the Chinese market. Today, in the airport, subway, shopping malls, parks and other places larger passenger, it is not difficult to find the vending machine.

  At present, China's automatic beverage vending machine has about 20,000 units, compared to 1.3 billion population, this figure is negligible. China Vending Machine Professional Committee of the mainland China's vending machine application market to make the forecast is that the start-up period at least 10 million units, the annual production value of 1 billion yuan to the development period at least 50 million units, The annual GDP should reach 10 billion yuan, and the maturity will reach 300 million units, the annual GDP will reach 60 billion yuan, when China's vending machines will develop into a huge industry. According to the survey: in China, vending machines have been quietly to. A well-known website for a nationwide survey of 80 consumer groups pointed out: the average of every 20 people have 2 people using automatic vending machines; 15 people expressed willingness to try to use, but the living and working environment is not Similar to the point of sale; there are three people have not heard of such products. So the conclusion: the market prospect is huge.

  In recent years, many domestic businesses have to see the prospects of this industry, but so far has not yet formed a well-known brands in the industry. So the automatic coinage industry needs the birth of the brand, need tens of thousands of investors to understand and join this great industry. The same time as the above-

  Automatic beverage vending machines, self-selling meters terminal and other traditional business projects compared to the unparalleled advantage, will become a small and medium-sized project investors investment highlights! But also office workers part-time business preferred.

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