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Vending Machines Provide Life For Students

Vending machines provide life for students

1, in line with the concept of consumer consumption Vending machine easy to shop, fashion, novel, reflects the progress of society, which is to meet the vast number of consumers, especially the younger generation of consumer attitudes. Vending machine service campus, so that every student can experience a convenient, fast, full of new shopping life, will give our campus life to add luster.

2, in line with the expectations of students shopping every university is a small community, covers an area of large, there are teaching area, dormitory area, sports grounds, etc., from one area to another area, near walking walk nearly ten minutes, Far to about 15 minutes, students often only need to buy a bottle of drinks, or a pack of biscuits, due to the distance, the school shopping is particularly inconvenient. As a result, more students are eager to a convenient small shop, that is, vending machines appear around.

3, the advantages of vending machines to meet the needs of students Vending machine set flexible, intelligent in one, its advantages reflect the five aspects: First, it can be flexible to move to any place on campus, and less land, save space. Second, the shopping operation is simple and convenient, it can be intelligent, user-friendly man-made exchange sales model, in the identification of coins on the basis of identification of paper money, to sell and change. Three is 24 hours all day sales, ready to serve the majority of students.

4, vending machine students desire to buy more: drinks, mineral water, instant noodles, snacks. Students are expected to put places dormitory, teaching building, playground.

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