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What About The Vending Machine Market?

Shenhe intelligent vending machine can bring great convenience to consumers. Its application places are as follows:

1. Internet cafes: Internet cafes reception desk, Internet cafes cashier desk.

2. School premises: university town, middle school, training institution, school canteen.

3. Business reception: automobile sales shop, 4S shop, real estate sales office, bank, investment office.

4. Office space: office buildings, foreign-funded enterprises, taiwan-funded enterprises, large company offices, rest areas.

5. Commercial premises: the entrance of large shopping malls, pedestrian streets and commercial streets.

6, work place: shops, studios, pastry shop, coffee shop, club, recreation centers, hotels, cinemas, fast food, supermarket, shopping center, gym, beauty salon, fitness center, hotel, apartment, hotel, bar, KTV playroom.

7. Public places: libraries, stations, airports, blood donation stations, exhibitions and exhibitions.

The vacancy in the vending machine market is still very large, which can be compared at home and abroad. More than 100 million people in Japan own more than five million vending machines of all types. More than 300 million people also own more than five million vending machines in the United States. More than 700 million people in Europe own nearly four million vending machines. In China, 1.4 billion people only have more than 200,000 vending machines. Vending machines are for retail sales

As the population ages, the labor force will become more and more expensive, so the demand for vending machines will only increase!

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