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What Is The Power Of A Vending Machine?

There are a lot of different kinds of different brands and different brands. I'll start with the big drink vending machines in the PC21 series:

1. The power consumption of the industrial control machine is 5-15w.

2. Monitor 7 "7W, 26" 30W, 32 "55W.

3. Refrigerating machine 200-300w.

4. The heater is about 300W.

5. LED lighting system opening 10-20w.

If the configuration is a 7-inch screen and the power of the light bulb at room temperature is about 20-40w, about 1-2 days at a time, the simplest is easy to calculate, and the actual situation is the same.

If the cooling or heating (intelligent drink vending machine are intelligent temperature control, not always open cooling or heating, to set the temperature value is automatically stopped), are greatly influenced by environmental temperature and sales, the situation is more complex, generally a day 2-5 degrees electric energy consumption, the highest no more than 5 degrees.

The above said is accumulation of s-shaped aisle drinks vending machine, its temperature stability is better than spring aisle drink machines, if the spring drink machines don't open the refrigeration power and drink machines is the same as the accumulation of s-shaped aisle, if open the refrigeration power consumption of the drink machines spring is probably s-shaped accumulation aisle 1.5 2 times the drink machines, spring machine aisle poor insulation, can't help it.

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