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Why Are There Any Noise In The Vending Machine?

  Why are there any noise in the vending machine? When the vending machine generates noise, pay attention to the regular cleaning of the dust on the condenser. Resulting in automatic vending opportunities for noise, mainly in the cooling time when the compressor will start, then there will be a sound is normal. The vending machine has a sound that is normal. Vending machine placed in a stable position, the system at the start of the refrigerant instability, the cabinet will vibrate the compressor, the sound will be larger. Vending machines use intermittent cooling, when the cabinet temperature reaches a certain value, the compressor will stop running. There is no sound.

  We have encountered a lot of customers consult us, vending machines from the buy after use, never off the machine, it has been open, this will not have an impact on the cabinet? Will not have any bad impact on the compressor , Will not reduce the service life of the compressor, the following by our vending machine to explain for you! Now the market are mostly vending machines using microcomputer temperature control, with automatic temperature function, the temperature is In the 2-8 degrees between the cycle, 2 degrees off, 8 degrees from the machine. Compressor in the work for some time, reached a certain temperature will automatically shut down. Frequent switching machine but will work on the compressor is not good, but also affect the life of the freezer.

  So we recommend the use of vending machines, do not frequently switch the machine, has been kept on, the freezer to reach the set temperature, the compressor will automatically shut down, so the use is not only correct, but more power. If it is frequent switching machine, when the temperature is turned off, re-boot, to reach the set temperature, the compressor will continue to work, this is not only power consumption, but also affect the life of the freezer.

  If you think the compressor long-term work will increase the amount of electricity, this can be assured that we are using imported units, pure copper pipe, compressor cooling capacity, power consumption is small, and with energy-saving night curtain.

  So the vending machine in the use of the process, do not need frequent switch switch to keep the cabinet up and running can improve the service life of the compressor, greatly reducing the vending machine power consumption and improve the efficiency of the vending machine The

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