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Vending machine operating income mainly consists of three parts

First, the profit is not only the sale of profits

Vending machine operating income mainly consists of three parts: sales revenue, advertising revenue and material fee income. Advertising revenue refers to the operator's external contract fuselage advertising gains, and material charges as the supermarket to the supplier to charge the entry fee. A vending machine operators, due to the selection and operation of a unique, only three vending machines, the average monthly turnover reached 75,000 yuan, gross profit reached 36%.

Vending machines as a way to pay attention to the obvious, easy to maintain the rapid investment in equipment, has made more and more development aspirations of people tasted when the boss's sweetness, and the rapid accumulation of the original funds. In foreign countries and Hong Kong, many people put the vending machine as a second occupation, neither affecting the work, but also steadily increase income, do both.

Vending machines are also one of the best choices for workers, staff and laid-off workers who have poor efficiency, and stable and reliable returns from now to the future. Some eye-catching people have a step ahead, quietly earned a lot of advertising and wholesale and retail price difference.

Vending machines and other industries are not the same, at present, because only belongs to the market into the period, almost no competition, said, looked everywhere, almost everywhere is not reclamation of the domestic market.

According to the analysis, as a new retail format, vending machine operating costs mainly by the machine depreciation, site rent, procurement and distribution of goods costs, including labor, including management costs, and the success of the vending machine operating capacity Whether or not, mainly related to income levels, population structure, consumption habits, government policy requirements and support factors. In general, the higher the level of income, the greater the proportion of the floating population, the more easy to accept new things and fashion consumption of young people more cities and lots, the greater the sales of vending machines.

Second, the vending machine on the dealer's chance

1. If the dealer does the vending machine, the existing staff and the vehicle warehouse do not require additional investment, the machine can be in the form of low-cost deposit leasing operations, which for highly competitive, sales and profits are difficult to increase the dealer , Is a good point for incremental sales.

2. In addition, through the self-built terminal, you can cross the terminal retail directly to consumers, which is also with the Internet B2B model dealers to enhance competitiveness is very effective means. The more vending machines are, the stronger your resistance to risk.

Driven by capital, the concentration of retail industry will be higher and higher, mobile payment appears, from the intelligent vending machine was introduced into the market operation began, the popularity of self-trafficking machine is only a matter of time. 2016 - 2017 is a very critical two years since the industry, the big Internet age, everything is changing, is the trend of the times.

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