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Vending Machine For Food And Beverage

Vending Machine For Food And Beverage

Hangzhou Yile Condom Vending Machine for Food and Beverage Hangzhou Yile Condom Vending Machine for Food and Beverage Specification Item: LE205A Standard interface: MDB Size range of snack: 75(W)*75(D)*180(H) mm; 6*10*5=300; 60 Selections 10 cargo road, 6 tray, 5 quantities for each selection;...

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Hangzhou Yile Condom Vending Machine for Food and Beverage

Hangzhou Yile Condom Vending Machine for Food and Beverage

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Item: LE205A

Standard interface: MDB

Size range of snack: 75(W)*75(D)*180(H) mm; 

6*10*5=300; 60 Selections 10 cargo road, 6 tray, 5 quantities for each selection;

Adjustable height every 15mm between shelves.

Tray number (optional)

Refrigeration: Compressor R134a 3 °C - 12 °C (adjustable)

Payment: Coin, Bill, Card and cashless payment

Bill acceptor & Coin acceptor and coin changer optional

Power consumption: AC220V/50Hz Maximum; Standby: 600W/40W

The distance between trays and the front glass: 235 mm

LCD display: 5.1 inch LCD display

Lighting system:LED light bar in Two side

Model No.


Product Name

Low temperature type Snack & Drinks vending machine


H 190.7 x W 89.6 x D 99 cm

Packing Size


Power specification

AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz

Internet plus

Remotely inquire the real-time sales data when online ( GPRS function optional )


Drawer-style inventory tray, Spring transfer cargo road, Push for picking up the goods

Net weight


Standby output


Temperature control system

8--25 ℃ adjustable, factory setting  8℃, unlock can set 2℃

Inventory quantity

6 layer tray X 5-10 road X 3-15 pieces

Menu operation

Firm metal key + 5.1 inch LCD display

Payment system

Cash ( note, coin and coin changer )

Main Assembling Parts

- Main board and Power board (2 in 1) × 1pc

- 5.1 inch LCD display × 1pc

- Coin receiver × 1pc                                                   

- Coin changer x 1pc                                                      - Note receiver x 1pc

- Transformer × 1pc



YILE-LE205ALE205A-1000_01 (6).jpgLE205A-1000_01 (5).jpgLE205A-1000_01 (2).jpg

Our Services

Warranty:12 months


Complement problem of lacking of workers, adapt to changes of consumption mode,

24 hours automatic setting system can save labor force with low investment, less area and can attract people and lower your cost.


Popular design and elegant appearance can improve grade and appearance of drinks,

airproofing space adapts to requirement of modern life


Occupy hot drinks market, as only timely coffee drinks in market as present, you can drink coffee everywhere


Only one square meter floor area for running, low investment easy operation,

sellsfree service, prompt coffee service can provide delicious coffee for consumers at any time everywhere


1. low investment, high efficiency, high respond.

2. 24hours sellers-free service, easy management

3. wide selection good market foreground

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