How To Use The Coffee Vending Machine?

Compared to instant coffee brewed with ground coffee, more coffee lovers prefer freshly ground coffee. The automatic coffee machine can complete a cup of freshly ground coffee in a short time, so it is widely welcomed by consumers. So, how do you use the coffee vending machine?

The following is the outline:

1. What is the function of the coffee vending machine?

2. How to use coffee vending machine?

3. How to choose a coffee vending machine?


What is the function of the coffee vending machine?

1. Integrated production and sales of coffee. In addition to the common freshly ground coffee, some self-service coffee machines will also provide brewed coffee. Consumers only need to select a specific coffee product and complete the payment to get a cup of hot coffee.

2. Sold around the clock. The machine runs on batteries, so this type of coffee machine can work continuously for a long period of time. To some extent, this kind of machine meets the overtime culture of modern society and the leisure needs of night shift workers.

3. Improve the taste of the place. An office with a coffee machine is of higher grade than an office without a coffee machine. Even, some job seekers will use whether there is a coffee machine in the workplace as one of the criteria for choosing a job.


How to use coffee vending machine?

1. Choose a satisfactory coffee product. Generally speaking, an automatic coffee machine provides multiple products such as espresso, American coffee, latte, caramel macchiato, etc. Consumers can choose suitable products to purchase according to their taste needs.

2. Choose the appropriate payment method. According to consumer preferences, consumers can choose to use cash payment, credit card payment, and QR code payment. Generally speaking, high-quality coffee machines provide banknotes and coin changers, so consumers do not need to worry about difficulties in cash payments.

3. Take away the coffee. Clean disposable cups are provided in most coffee machines. Therefore, as long as the consumer completes the payment, they can wait for the machine to produce a cup of delicious hot coffee.


How to choose a coffee vending machine?

1. Choose according to the coffee product that the coffee machine is suitable for production. Different coffee machines are suitable for producing different types of coffee. If you want to provide more types of coffee, you need to buy more advanced coffee machines. Generally speaking, the coffee machine that can be made of the espresso is of better quality, and merchants can give priority to this style. In addition, a high-quality coffee machine will also provide the function of producing coffee according to the merchant’s recipe.

2. Choose according to the place where the business is placed. In occasions such as airports and subways, people are sometimes in a hurry. Therefore, in addition to providing freshly ground coffee products, coffee machines should also provide instant coffee products.

3. Choose according to the business’s budget. Most coffee vending machines in the market are classified according to a specific price range. Therefore, the consumption budget of the merchant directly affects the vending machines that consumers can purchase.

In short, the use of coffee vending machines is very simple, and consumers only need to select coffee products and pay for them. HANGZHOU YILE SHANGYUN ROBOT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a coffee machine production company that is widely welcomed by consumers all over the world. We provide high-quality coffee machines and after-sales service.

Post time: Jul-01-2022