Where can the vending machine be used?


With the rise of the unmanned retail wave, the first wave of people walking on the wave of the times can often receive the gifts of the times. So, where can the vending machine be used?

The following is the outline:

1. Why should we understand the use occasions of vending machines?

2. Where can the vending machine be used?

3. How to choose a suitable place for vending machines?


Why should we understand the use occasions of vending machines?

1. Reduce decision-making errors. In unmanned retail occasions, equipment and placement occasions are the factors that determine whether this investment can achieve good returns. Therefore, in order for the relevant personnel’s cost input to obtain reasonable benefits, consumers need to understand the use of the machine.

2. Better choose the type of machine. Market research shows that placing coffee machines near the subway and snack machines near schools are the most profitable options. Therefore, consumers can only make an ideal decision if they have an understanding of the consumption situation and the needs of the target consumers.

3. Pursue higher profits. The fundamental purpose of commercial activities is to make a profit. Therefore, such commercial machines for unmanned retail should be chosen more carefully.



Where can the vending machine be used?

1. Transportation hub. Various types of transportation are necessary conditions for people to move in various spaces. Therefore, all kinds of airports, bus stations and railway stations are ideal places to put this kind of machine. Moreover, most people will have food and beverage needs while they are waiting.

2. School. The student group is a very active group in the consumer market. Therefore, relevant personnel should conduct in-depth investigations into the different needs of students in various schools, and reasonably choose the place and frequency of placement.

3. Shopping mall. Online shopping cannot replace the sense of companionship and experience of offline shopping. In addition, shopping in shopping malls often makes people feel tired, and the coffee machine can get better profits at this time.



How to choose a suitable place for vending machines?

1. Do a consumer survey. No matter when, consumers are an important factor in the entire transaction process. Therefore, businesses interested in investing in unmanned retailing need to better understand target consumers through various market research methods.

2. Consider the labor cost. Although this kind of machine does not require humans to complete commodity transactions, this kind of machine also needs humans to be responsible for maintenance and discharge of goods. Therefore, the machine should be placed in a place easily accessible by labor.

3. Taking into account the rent of the venue. Although placing such machines in large shopping malls can get a higher transaction volume, the relevant personnel also need to pay a high rent for the venue.



In short, the relevant personnel need to understand the use occasions of the vending machine, so as to better reduce cost and waste and increase revenue. HANGZHOU YILE SHANGYUN ROBOT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

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Post time: Aug-22-2022