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The integrated DC charging pile is suitable for city-specific charging stations (buses, taxis, official vehicles, sanitation vehicles, logistics vehicles, etc.), urban public charging stations (private cars, commuter cars, buses), urban residential communities, shopping plazas, and electric power Various parking lots such as business places; inter-city expressway charging stations and other occasions that require DC fast charging, especially suitable for rapid deployment under limited space


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Product number YL-DC-090YAO/KY-DC-090 YL-DC-120YAO/KY-DC-120
Detailed specifications rated power 90KW 120KW
Charging equipment Installation method Vertical
Wiring method Bottom line in, bottom line out
Equipment size 1600*750*550mm
Input voltage AC380V±20%
Input frequency 45-65Hz
The output voltage 200-750VDC
Single gun output current range Ordinary model 0-120A Ordinary model 0-160A
Constant power model 0-225A Constant power model 0-250A
Cable length 5m
Measurement accuracy 1.0 level
Electrical indicators Current limit protection value ≥110%
Stabilization accuracy ≤±0.5%
Steady flow accuracy ≤±1%
Ripple factor ≤±0.5%
effectiveness ≥94.5%
Power factor ≥0.99 (above 50% load)
Harmonic content THD ≤5% (above 50% load)
feature design HMI 7-inch bright color touch screen
Charging mode Automatic full charge / fixed power / fixed amount / fixed time
charging method Charging by swiping/charging by scanning code/charging by password
payment method Credit card payment/scan code payment/password charging
Networking method Ethernet/4G
Safe design Executive standard IEC 61851-1:2017,ICE 62196-2:2016
security function Charge gun temperature detection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, grounding protection, over temperature protection, low temperature protection, insulation monitoring protection, polarity reverse protection, lightning protection, emergency stop protection, leakage protection
Environmental indicators Operating temperature -25℃~+50℃
Working humidity 5%~95% non-condensing frost
Working altitude <2000m
 Protection level IP54
cooling method Air-cooled
Noise control ≤60dB
MTBF 100,000 hours
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Application Environment

The ambient air temperature during operation is -25℃~50℃,24h daily average temperature is 35℃
The average relative humidity ≤90%(25℃)
Pressure :80 kpa~110 kpa;
Installation vertical inclination≤5%;
Experimental level of Vibration and shock in use ≤ I Level,Inductive strength of an external magnetic field in either direction≤1.55mT;
Not rated for zoned areas;
Avoid direct sunlight; When outdoor installation, it is recommended to add sunshade facilities for charging stations to prolong the service life of the equipment;

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