Turkish Coffee Machine for Turkey, Kuwait, KSA, Jordan, Palestine…

Short Description:

LE302B (Turkish coffee) is specially for clients from middle east countries who request function of making turkish coffee with three different level of sugar volume, including less sugar, medium sugar and more sugar. Moreover, it can make another three types hot instant drinks, such as three in one coffee, hot chocolate, coco, milk tea, soup, etc.

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Product Parameters

Machine Size H 675 * W 300 * D 540
Weight 18KG
Rated Voltage and power AC220-240V,50-60Hz or AC110V, 60Hz,Rated power 1000W,Standby power 50W
Built-in Water Tank Capacity 2.5L
Boiler Tank Capacity 1.6L
Canisters 3 canisters, 1kg each
 Beverage Selection 3 hot pre-mixed drinks
Temperature Control  hot drinks Max. temperature setting 98℃
Water Supply  Water bucket on top, Water pump( optional)
 Cup dispenser Capacity 75pcs 6.5ounce cups or 50pcs 9 ounce cups
Payment Method Coin
Application Environment Relative Humidity ≤ 90%RH, Environment Temperature: 4-38℃, Altitude≤1000m
Others Base Cabient (Optional)

Product Usage

Available for 3 kinds of hot drinks with automatic cup dispenser



24 hours self-service cafes, convenient stores, office, restaurant, hotels, etc.


Quality Control and Inspection


Feature of the turkish coffee vending machine

1.Flexible menu and recipe setting by operator, including water volume, powder amount, water temperature, powder type, Price rate all can be set etc.

2.Options on automatic cup dispenser or without cup dispenser.

3. Checking sales volume on the machine
The sales volume of each drink can be checked easily after entering the setting by long pressing at the mode button.

4. Automatic cleaning system

5. Boiling system specially for turkish coffee
About 25~30 seconds boiling period after turkish coffee powder mixed with hot water under high speed, only to create more foam of turkish coffee and finish through extraction to get the best taste.

6. Fault self-diagnosis system
Error code will be displayed on the digital screen if any fault happens. You may solve it easily according to the error code hint

Packing & Shipping

Strong carton packing with UP arrow, the machine is suggested to be put upward only.
Laying aside or upside down is not allowed to avoid malfunction.

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  • 1.Are you manufacture or trading company?
    We’re manufacture direct supply.

    2.How can I become your distributor in my country?
    Please kindly provide your company introduction in detail, we will evaluate and revert you within 24hours during working day.

    3.Can I buy one sample to start?
    Generally speaking, one sample is available if you can handle shipping your side. Since one or two unit is too small volume to be shipped by sea.

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