Fully Automatic Cubic Ice Maker and Dispenser for Cafe, Restaurant…

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Hangzhou Yile Shangyun Robot Technology is one of the leading manufacture and supplier of ice maker in China. It adopts food grade 304 stainless steel, original European imported compressor. Once connect the machine to water supply and power it on, it starts ice making automatically and capable of dispensing cubic ice, ice and water mixture, avoiding direct contact with ice which is much easier, healthier compared with traditional ice maker.

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Product Properties

Function: Ice making and automatic dispensing
The Environment temperature: 5 ~ 38 ℃;
The Input water temperature: 5 ~ 35 ℃;
Inlet water pressure: 0.15 Mpa to 0.55 Mpa.

Product Parameters

Model No.



Ice Production Capacity



Ice Storage Capacity



Rated Power



Cooling type

Air Cooling

Air Cooling


Dispensing cubic Ice

Dispensing cubic ice, ice and water, cold water




Machine size




Main Features  

1. Unique design with compact size; perfectly combining metal cabinet with plastic parts which is luxurious elegant and generous.
2. Fully automatically making cubic ice, dispensing ice at specified volume by simply pressing one button
3. Hygienic and healthy; Fully automatic ice making and dispensing function eliminates the possibility of contamination during manually ice pick-up.
4. Continuous ice making enables high efficiency, reducing the power consumption, as well as saving water.
5. Fully enclosed ice storage bucket with maximum storing capacity 3.5kg
6. Large ice-making capacity enables its wide application at cafes, bars, offices, KTVs, etc.
7. Flexible water supply; Tap water and bucket water both are supported.

 Quality Control

Our ice maker adopts Japanese technology on ice making, Imported compressor from European country,  food-grade material for ice contacting area. Each machine will be tested for ice making for more than one week before packing and delivery. 

Fully Automatic Cubic (2)
Fully Automatic Cubic (3)

Machine Usage

The diamond ice produced by the ice maker is suitable to be put into the coffee, juice, wine, soft drinks, etc
Which can cool down the drinks immediately and give a better taste especially during hot weather season~

Fully Automatic Cubic (1)

This fully automatic cubic ice maker dispenser is perfect to be used at coffee shop, high level restaurant, bar, club, hotels, office, 24 hours fast food restaurant such as KFC, Mac donald, Subway, Convenient stores,etc

Fully Automatic Cubic (4)

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