Coin Operated Pre-mixed Vendo Machine with Automatic Cup

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LE303V is designed for three types pre-mixed hot drinks, including three in one coffee, hot chocolate, coco, milk tea, soup, etc. It has the function of auto-cleaning, drink price, powder volume, water volume, water temperature can be set by client upon taste preference. Automatic cup dispenser and coin acceptor included

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Brand Name: LE, LE-VENDING
Usage: For three kinds of pre-mixed drinks
Application: Commercial Type, Indoor. Avoid direct rainwater and sunshine
Certificate: CE, CB, Rohs, CQC
Base Cabinet: Optional

Product Parameters

Machine Size H 675 * W 300 * D 540
Weight 18KG
Rated Voltage and power AC220-240V,50-60Hz or AC110V, 60Hz,

Rated power 1000W,Standby power 50W

Built-in Water Tank Capacity 2.5L
Boiler Tank Capacity 1.6L
Canisters 3 canisters, 1kg each
 Beverage Selection   3 hot pre-mixed drinks
Temperature Control  hot drinks Max. temperature setting 98℃
Water Supply  Water bucket on top, Water pump( optional)
 Cup dispenser Capacity 75pcs 6.5ounce cups or 50pcs 9 ounce cups
Payment Method Coin
Application Environment Relative Humidity ≤ 90%RH, Environment Temperature: 4-38℃, Altitude≤1000m
Others Base Cabient (Optional)


24 hours self-service cafes, convenient stores, office, restaurant, hotels, etc.

Coin Operated (3)
Coin Operated (2)
Coin Operated (1)

               Hangzhou Yile Shangyun Robot Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2007 . It is a national high- tech enterprise who committed to the R&D, production, sales and service on  vending machines, Freshly ground coffee machine, smart drinks coffee  machines, table  coffee machine ,combine coffee vending machine, service-oriented AI robots, automatic ice makers and new energy charging pile products while providing equipment control systems, background management system software development, as well as related after-sales services. OEM and ODM can be provided according to customer needs too. 

                Yile covers an area of 30 acres, with a building area of 52,000 square meters and a total investment of 139 million yuan. There are smart coffee machine assembly line workshop, smart new retail robot experimental prototype production workshop, smart new retail robot main product assembly line production workshop, sheet metal workshop, charging system assembly line workshop, testing center, technology research and development center (including smart laboratory) and multifunctional Intelligent experience exhibition hall, comprehensive warehouse, 11-story modern technology office building, etc.

               Based on reliable quality and good service, Yile has obtained up to 88 important authorized patents, including 9 invention patents, 47 utility model patents, 6 software patents, 10 appearance patents.  In 2013, it was rated as [Zhejiang Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise], in 2017 it was recognized as [High-tech Enterprise] by Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise Management Agency, and as [Provincial Enterprise R&D Center] by Zhejiang Science and Technology Department in 2019. Under the support of advance management, R&D, the company has successfully passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 quality certification. Yile products have been certified by CE, CB, CQC, RoHS, etc. and have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions all over the world . LE branded products have been widely used in domestic China and overseas high-speed railways, airports, schools,universities, hospitals, stations, shopping malls, office buildings, scenic spot, canteen, etc.


Testing And Inspection

Testing and inspection one by one before packing

tests (1)
tests (2)

Product Advantage

1. Beverage taste and water volume adjustment system
According to different personal tastes, the taste of coffee or other beverages can be adjusted freely, and the water output of the machine can also be adjusted freely.
2. Flexible water temperature adjustment system
There is a hot water storage tank inside, the water temperature can be adjusted at will according to the climate change. (water temperature from 68 degrees to 98 degrees)
3. Both 6.5oz and 9oz cup size are applicable for the automatic cup dispenser
Built-in automatic cup drop system, which can automatically and continuously discharge cups. It is quite environmentally friendly, convenient and hygienic.
4. No cup/no water automatic alert
When the storage volume of paper cups and water inside the machine is lower than the factory default setting, the machine will automatically alarm to prevent the machine from malfunctioning.
5. Beverage price setting
The price of each beverage can be set separately, while the sales are priced separately according to the characteristics of the beverage.
6. Statistics of sales quantity
The sales quantity of each beverage can be counted separately, which is convenient for the sales management of beverages.
7. Automatic cleaning system
8. Continuous vending function
The use of international advanced computer temperature control technology ensures continuous supply of fragrant and delicious coffee and drinks during the peak period of machine use.
9. High-speed rotary stirring system
Through the high-speed rotating stirring system, the raw materials and water can be fully mixed, so that the foam of the drink is more delicate and the taste is more pure.
10. Fault self-diagnosis system
When there is a problem with the circuit part of the machine, the system will display the fault code on the display of the machine, and the machine will be automatically locked at this time, so that the maintenance personnel can troubleshoot the fault and ensure the safety of the machine and the person.

Packing & Shipping

Sample is suggested to be packed in wooden case and PE foam inside for better protection .
While PE foam only for full container shipping.


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  • 1.What’s the water supply mode?
    The standard water supply is bucket water on top, you may choose bucket water at the bottom with water pump.

    2.What payment system can I use?
    Model LE303V support any coin value.

    3.What ingredients to use on the machine?
    Any instant powder, such as three in one coffee powder, milk powder, chocolate powder, coco powder, soup powder, Juice powder, etc.

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