Brewer for Fresh Ground Coffee Making Machine

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Brewer features

Extraction Technology: Italian Technology

Coffee extraction method: Italian style high pressure

Powder tank capacity: 7g/12g per shot

Suitable machines model: LE307A, LE307B, LE308G, LE308E, LE308B,LE209C

9 Bar steady pressure deep extraction technology which enables more rich coffee oil crema

92 degree accurate temperature control system, which can inspire more thick coffee flavor

Pressure relief drainage and slag discharge system, the coffee grounds will be changed into coffee cakes to prevent scattering


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After the brewer has been working for a long time, coffee grounds will accumulate in the stainless steel filters of the upper and lower heads. pressure pump and other components; Therefore, regular cleanning on the brewer is requested.  Sometimes the brewer is also requested to be removed to do deep cleanning.

Brewer replacement steps

step 1: Unscrew the water pipe head labelled with 4 as shown and pull out the pipe labelled with 3 in the direction shown.


Step 2: Untighten the screws with label 1 and 2 by turning them anticlockwise.


Step 3: Hold and pull out the entire brewer with care as shown in the picture below.


Step 4: Aim the hole 8 at the hole 6, 10 at 7, 9 at pin 5. Note that, along with the wheel, the hole 9 is adjustable in which the pin 5 fits better.

Step 5: When they are all in place, twist and tighten the screw 1 and 2 in the opposite direction.

Step 6:Test the function of the brewer and itis all finished


1. When cleaning the residual coffee powder here, pay attention to the heating block below, and do not touch it to avoid burns.

2. When cleaning the top of the brewer and the powder cartridge slag guide plate, do not clean the waste into the powder cartridge. If it accidentally falls into the powder

cartridge, the brewer should be cleaned first after the machine is cleaned.

When the fault ” brewer time out” happens, causes and trouble shooting method

1. Broken brewing motor—-Test wether can the brewing motor move or not
2. Power Issue—Check whether the power cord of the brewing motor and the grinder drive board, the main drive board is working
3. Coffee powder blocking —-Check whether there’s excess powder in the brewer cartridge or offee grounds falling into the cartridge
4. Up and down switch—Check whether the upper sensor switch is abnormal

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