European Standard AC Charing Pile 7KW/14KW/22KW/44KW

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With the increase in adoption of electric vehicles a new era of transport is ushered in. In order to adapt to the development and demand of national and domestic new energy electric vehicle charging stations, our company has designed a cost effective charging pillar. This AC charging station is based on UK Standard BS7671 General Requirements For Electrical Installation

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Type: YL-AC-7KW plastic version

Dimension: 450*130*305mm

User Interface: 4.3 inch highlight display

AC Power: 220Vac±20%; 50Hz±10%;L+N+PE

Rated Current: 32A

Output Power: 7KW

Working Condition Elevation: ≤2000m;Temperature: -20℃~+50℃

Charging Mode: Offline no billing, offline billing, oline billing

Protection Function Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, surge, leakage,etc.

Cable Length: 5m

Installation: Wall-mounted or floor-mounted installation

Protection Level: Ip54

Excutive standard: IEC 62196, SAE J172

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Scope of Application

The AC charging station provides a 230V single phase AC 50Hz, power supply for charging electric vehicles with on-board chargers. It is mainly suitable for the following places: Large, medium and small electric vehicle charging stations; Urban residential areas, shopping squares, electric power business places and other public places with electric vehicle parking spaces; Motorway service area, station wharf and other transportation hub areas; Real estate and project construction acceptance needs.

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Why Choose Us We Ensure*Safety Design

*Current Leakage Protection

*PME Earth Fault Monitoring

*Multiple Earthing Schemes Compliant

*Professional Web Configuration

*Load Balancing


Q: What is your terms of payment?

A: T/T, L/C

Q: Do you test all your chargers before shipping?

A: All major components are tested before assembly and each charger is fully tested before shipped

Q: Can I order some samples? How long?

A: Yes, and usually 7-10 days to production and 7-10 days to express.

Q: How long to fully charge a car?

A: To know how long to charge a car, you need to know the OBC(on board charger) power of the car, the car battery capacity, the charger power. The hours to fully charge a car =battery kw.h/obc or charger power the lower one. For e.g, the battery is 40kw.h, obc is 7kw, charger is 22kw, the 40/7=5.7hours. If the obc is 22kw, then 40/22=1.8hours.

Q: Are you Trading Company or manufacturer?

A: We are professional manufacturer without our own factory located in Hangzhou

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